Amongst Indians, we people hardly know about Reiki training but with the lot of educated and curious people , we’re back in the run. Reiki is a form of alternative medicine known as energy cure.  Reiki is a Japanese relaxation technique which also helps in healing individual’s body. Basically, it is spiritually guided life force energy. People around the world have now started believing in the power of reiki by creating a strong healing impact on them. Healing World is now training people in India for reiki services. People can take various advantage of courses from healing world.


Healing world is introducing a new from of Reiki. It is powerful and gentle and provide cleansing of person’s mind, soul and body. We perform different sessions of mindfulness meditation in india. We make it easy and simple for new learners. It flows via hands of the ‘giver’ to the ‘receiver’ who are  either standing, lying, or sitting or at times even if not present physically. And also training can be given worldwide, be it India or UK or wherever. The ‘giver’ and ‘receiver’ has to be fully dressed up and with the series of different hand positions for sending healed energy. It also help the person to heal from stress via third eye chakra of an individual in an effective way. Only few body parts need to be held ranging from 3 to 5 minutes as per the choice of the client. The session only range from 30-90 minutes only. We assure that our customers feels like a beautiful brightness flowing all around you. We promise to guarantee you 100% positive results. The capacity can be transferred through our reiki master ‘tuning’ and enables the student to tap into an unlimited supply of ‘life force energy’ to improve the health of the individual and to improve the quality of life.


We also sell reiki crystals on our site for our students to practice. We also train lama fera healing at reasonable prices from our expertise. Book your slots of Level 1, level 2 , level 3A, 3B and Grandmaster level for 15 September to 25 September. Our only motive is to deliver our clients effective and accurate result for their well being with our skilled professionals with experience of many years. You can learn all this online by just registering yourself at www.healingworld.co.in



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