We are in This Together

Are you seeking new ways to give your body the attention and love it needs to feel stronger and calmer so you can meet the demands of your busy life? At Healing World all your questions will be answered. Whether your goal is to get better sleep, a relaxed mind or want to fight that chronic disease. Different healing therapies release different energies and have unique properties. These positive energies will balance your mind, body, and soul. After a relaxing session, you will automatically feel lighter, balanced and relieved. Discuss with a trained holistic practitioner to find out which therapy will suit you and resolve all your problems.


Lama Fera Healing removes the root cause of negative energies which acts as a hindrance in your physical or emotional healing. It is an ancient healing technique of Lord Buddha s timing but it is highly effective. It just needs sheer determination and a person need not be a follower of Buddhism.  This healing is practiced with 12 symbols and if quite effective for depression and stress.

Reiki Crystals in India are used in different ways during a Reiki Healing Treatment. They are placed on different areas of the body during the session. There are 8 different crystals which relieve several problems. Amethyst provides spiritual vibrations and releases stress. Clear Quartz is suitable for all chakras and is easy to use. It is the multipurpose stone and the most powerful one. Selenite is used for mental clarity. This stone enhances mental flexibility and gives calming vibrations and works best in meditation. Rose Quartz releases soothing energies and works best for people who are facing self-esteem issues.  It works best on emotional wounds. Blue Lace Agate provides calming vibrations and helps in resolving insomnia issues. Prehnite completely changes lives and brings unconditional love to the healer. Amazonite works best on heart and throat chakras. It enhances your intellect and creativity. Blue Aventurine brings positivity and works best when kept on brow chakra.

These affordable stones are highly effective and easily available. They provide a solution for almost every problem because each stone has its own unique property. Mindfulness Meditation in India is taught by several masters and not only meant for a holy being. Our wavering mind is always full of thoughts and distractions, to control all that one should learn the basic and simple technique of meditation. Just relax your body and breathe normally. Meditation is all about training the mind to focus and redirect thoughts.

Come and learn how to reduce stress with HEALING WORLD


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