Who doesn’t want to live a healthy happy life? Mindfulness Meditation is a powerful proven technique which improves every aspect of your life by reducing depression, anxiety, insomnia, obsessive thinking, stress, and phobias. It also helps you to get rid of all the pains and illness and creates long-lasting positive changes in your life.  HEALING WORLD is a holistic healing and teaching center which offers one of the best Mindfulness Meditation Course in India. Our experts are always there for beginners who don’t know how to basically start meditation. It requires a lot of practice and a comfortable quiet space. Listening and feeling your own breath can be a very calm and relaxing experience in itself. Before eating anything we always think the weather this food is healthy for us or not, but we never think about what’s going in our head and heart. After practicing meditation one can experience that all the anxieties slowly disappear and your body, soul and mind are at peace. It balances all the seven chakras of the body.

buddha-rox healing

It also offers one of the Best Reiki Healing in India.  Nowadays Reiki is commonly practiced in every part of the world. Reiki is a very pleasant and relaxing experience because the Reiki practitioner transmits healing energy using his/her hands. The client has to comfortably lie down or sit on a chair while putting their all clothes on. The session ranges between thirty to sixty minutes and helps in easing stress. After experiencing Reiki, one can feel that healing is taking place on all levels like emotional, spiritual and physical.

Another powerful healing is known as Lama Fera. One of the best Lama Fera Session in India can only be found in HEALING WORLD. Lama Fera healing doesn’t require laying on hands. The practitioner works on the twelve symbols by eliminating the root cause of negative energies. It is a very ancient healing technique and quite different from Reiki. It eradicates negative energy and all the problems in health, business or property. It provides radiant energy and gives strength to the mind, body, muscles, digestive system and bones. As it is a Buddhist healing technique, a person need not be a Buddhist only. Lama Fera has nothing to do with one s religion. Earlier this healing therapy was only practiced in monasteries by monks only but today it is a very common healing art. Lama Fera session is of short duration and not lengthy like normal Reiki sessions.



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