Mindfulness Meditation is a Treatment Way of Pain, Depression and Anxiety.


In this modern life, we all feel very stressed with our hectic schedules. We all feel exhausted and unhappy because of the stress which directly affects our mental and physical health.


Reiki is all about Universal Life force Energy which flows within a body with chakras, meridians. Reiki is a healing technique which can reduce the stress and helps you to get relaxation. In a Reiki session, a practitioner transfers the energy by placing his hands above the affected are of patients. The practitioner held his hand very lightly on the species care of patients like head, limb and torso. It is also Known as palm healing. Reiki training in India is best held in a peaceful setting, but it can be carried out nowhere. During the Reiki session, you may feel the warm, cold and tingling sensation in the hands of a healer. Reiki is not a part of religion anybody can learn and practice the Reiki which can heal your body, soul and mind. The general Reiki session goes for around 60-90 mins, and initially, a discussion is held with practitioners.


Mindfulness Meditation allows you to eliminate the judgment and natural curiosity and helps you to be aware of every movement. Mindfulness meditation in India is a traditional form which gives you peace of mind and increases your work productivity. Adding a mindfulness meditation into your routine can be beneficial to create more focus on your particular object and activity. You can transform your mind from negative to positive, from unhappy to happy by practising meditation. Breathing Meditation is to calm the mind, create inner peace and can reduce your distraction. In the first five minutes of meditation, make your body still and limit your body movements.


Lama fera healing is a Buddhist technique to heal the person in the fastest way. It is the spiritually based technique which is practised by many Buddhist Monks from centuries in Himalayan regions. It is a beneficial technique which helps you to remove the pressure of negative thoughts and also the re-construction of negative thoughts. It directly heals the affected area of the cause and helps you to overcome your emotional trauma. Lama Fera is capable of making you active, and self- confident and remove evil- eye effect using the 12 symbols. This is usually practised by Buddhist community or who follows the Buddha paths.  


Get Relaxed From Stress



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